Dave Phillips

05.07.2007    Tongue & Grove, Brisbane, Australia.

video action



It began with some footage beaming slogans on the dismal state of the human predicament in between crunchy recordings of animals being tortured… grotesque! As dave cued a bunch of found sounds of various animals in pain. He walked through the crowds of intrigued people, with a mic tacked to his jaw as he blew up a balloon, making a strange emulation of breathing… it increased until the ballon burst in his face covering some people with his saliva and a rude awakening. His montage was utterly terrifying as he cued some ghastly sounds to the film spontaneously. He was not even watching the footage, so it was crazy how well it synched. At one stage there was a home video of an elephant that had escaped from a circus and started crushing people under its wrath. Dave began making unbelievable sounds by screaming and punching himself in the throat. Then there was films of pigs being tortured and maimed and dogs that had been skinned alive… The girls in front of me started to cry. It was really deep. His slogans blasted the obvious symbolism of how man has become detached from nature by attempting to dominate it. He really hit it home for many people. You could see the concern in their faces.