Dave Phillips

09.07.2007    Ürtext, Adelaide, Australia.

video action



…such near meditative solace is shortlived however, when we’re fronted with the first of the final two headlining acts: Dave Phillips from Switzerland. Appearing like a cross between a Hare Krishna and an East Berlin serial killer and with his microphone headset wired through to a harrowing array of distortion filters; he proceeds to rasp, howl, contort his frame and scream to a soundtrack of broken piano, farm animals, whip crackings and gunshot sounds whilst on screen behind him a series of increasingly harrowing holocaustic film clips flash by in rapid succession featuring everything from pigs getting their throats slit, baby chickens being battered and tumbling down machinery, monkeys tortured for medical science, elephant tramplings and other acts of gross animal barbarity of increasing intensity that become too eye-gougingly terrifying for me to possibly put into words (although constant ‘subliminal’ commentary was helpfully provided throughout on screen as text in case the message wasn’t LOUD enough). Living through this littany of abuse was quite like a cross between the tortuous mental reprogramming Malcolm McDowell received in A Clockwork Orange, the shrieking terror that was the eye of Sauron from Lord Of The Rings boring into your soul, that garbled beserker video transmission from the beginning of the movie Event Horizon, fat nazi guy’s face melting at the end of Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark and staring deep into the gaping abyss of Hell incarnate. Truly, without a doubt this was the most terrifying mindfuck I’ve ever seen all year, saying I actually ENJOYED this would be quite like saying I’d love to be the victim of a slow and painful disembowellment by fishhooks whilst rats eat me alive. The pain! OH THE PAIN!! MAKE IT STOP!! MAAAAAKE IT STOP!! (and yet I can’t look away! guuh!).