Dave Phillips

16.07.2007    The Bakery, Perth, Australia.

field recordings & video action



The night began with Dave Phillips, from Switzerland, and a piece about insects. Gettting to very high pitches and volumes i assume all the noises were those of insects - distorted , amplified to show their finer detail and sometimes manipulated - to create a wall of ambient sounds and noise. As the song was about to end he walked into the audience and handed everyone a small piece of paper and then his first set ended. The words on the paper discussed the importance of insects for the world, The things they do for the human species and how without them it would be impossible for life and the world to exist.

After a set by the amazing and totally brilliant/insane Justice Yeldham (From Melbourne?) Dave Philips did another piece, Combining his music with a video projection, this piece was about human treatment of animals , how we fail to give to other animals the things we accept as norms for ourselves - such as dignity and respect , and how ignorance and general ideas of social norms and a blank mind to reality make NOT making decisions easier than making change - whats ‘normal’ is obviously what is right? No?. The video show was a horrendous collage of animal death footage mixed with statements about human nature, dignity, respect… and what it means to be human, juxtaposed to say : If this is what we want, who are we to think it is not worthy of other animals? The footage showed animals trapped in claw traps struggling for life, being killed for food, tortured for experiments and the likes , cutting of throats of pigs and cows, blood gushing everywhere as the flailed and choked and died, closed bolt shooting to the heads of pigs , and standing on piglets unneeded by factories to suffocate them, deformed animals in mass factory farming enviroments, the mass pulping and binning of baby chicks and gestating eggs, and the clubbing and skinning of live baby seals (the showing of the skinned seals writhing in the snow still alive) , cats having their brains partially gouged out of their skulls with scalpels while alive and replaced by cotton balls and electonics to make them move and react to electric stimulus, or in cages being thrown around like they were already dead and ending up as food, the electrocution of mice and rats, the rigging up of sensors to monkeys brains to stimulate them with electrodes and then a metal clamp snapping their necks to monitor resonse, and far far more , All to a noise sound track of disorted sounds and yelling then Animals gurgling and dying , screaming pigs and choaking sheep and cows as they drowned in their own blood, cats, dogs and chimps in agony and the main musician screaming over the top. A large section was punctuated by animal death noises and the sound of a closed bolt gun or pistol going off at full volume as words like Dignity, Respect, Family, Love, Security, Choice and other statements flashed on the screen Needless to say when this ended everyone just sat there is shock, unable to stand or move and an awkward clap slowly went through the crowd. If you have the chance to see this guy I highly recomend it. This particular piece i know would be too confronting for many but his other works and what he stands for are well worth checking out.

(Brown Windsor)