posted July 23, 2018

4 new tracks here available as clear vinyl 10" lathe-cut in an edition of 50.

nu collabs / ohne / gdpr

posted June 05, 2018

a new tape/dl with alexei borisov is now available, as is 'insect apocalpyse', my collab with hiroshi hasegawa, as download. ohne's website has been relaunched and two of our albums are now available on bandcamp (name your price) - more to come. and a recent interview can be found here. also if you are not receiving my newsletter anymore that could be because of this gdpr malarkey - send me a note to re-subscribe.


posted February 26, 2018

'ritual protest music' can be pre-ordered now!

frogs rain

posted January 12, 2018

now available as downloads: 'frogs rain', 'selective memory / perception' and 'south africa recordings'


posted November 14, 2017

dave kirby a.k.a. satori has reworked my 'homo animalis' album in surprising and new ways, check it out here, it's a free download.

the void continues

posted November 08, 2017

new perverts in white shirts song and video here

notes from chaos

posted October 04, 2017

2 year anniversary show by otomo hava includes an unreleased piece by dp, recorded live in carinarnica (the smallest venue of europe?), nova gorica 31st may 2017

proceed with inquiry

posted June 19, 2017

proceed with inquiry dvd is now ready for pre-order. release date 1st july 2017. this dvd features ~ 180 minutes of dp visuals in 3 chapters: video works, performances and collaborations. video works includes the visuals to my live performance "video action" (with subtitles in german, french, spanish, portuguese, japanese, chinese, russian), a new video to 'truth is invented by liars', the unreleased 'threnody' and 3 shorter video works; performances features schimpfluch-gruppe's infamous 'spaghetti action', the tel aviv performance of 'abolishing religion', the last act of 'screamscape' performed in fribourg 2015, 'hole/holy', an exclusive performance for luff 2005, the live action '130731' and dp's actionist performance at 'extreme rituals: a schimpfluch carnival' in 2012; collaborations includes videos to dp sonics by gx jupitter-larsen, pakise akin & jan van hasselt, moju and remote-control rectum.

new digital albums

posted June 15, 2017

my collab lp with mei zhiyong, 'rise' and 'homo animalis' are now available digitally from my bandcamp page.

animal sounds

posted June 11, 2017

a spoken interview and podcast on animal sounds can be heard here.

s.a.r. & s.m.p

posted January 01, 2017

now available, south africa recordings, raw field recordings 2CD with 16-page booklet in a lavish 6-panel cardboard sleeve, and selective memory / perception CD, an hour long piece of classical instrumentation and orchestral arrangements using cello, violin and piano, recordings of wind, broken urban creatures and more, addressing sensorial overstimulation and subsequent confusion, memory infiltration, selective realities, selective selves and suicidal conclusions.

perverts in white shirts

posted December 01, 2016

album available now as free download, lp and tape in early 2017. check our video to favour. p.i.w.s. is a new project with nathalie. it's different.

a collection of fingers

posted November 03, 2016

available now as download here. a collection of compilation tracks, outtakes, oddities, rareties, unreleased stuff, from 2004 - 2016, most tracks remastered, some revamped, 29 tracks in 2 hours and 2 minutes, formed into an album.


posted September 18, 2016

a radio session for pan african space station can be heard here. original radio session recorded at the pan african space station studio, cape town, in december 2015, one audio channel however didn't end up recording, so it was re-recorded at home in february 2016. this version never aired and is now exclusive to the free music archive. please support the free music archive, a non-profit project that cannot exist without support.

insect time

posted August 30, 2016

dp has penned a text for continent here, adorned with illustrations by cornelia hesse-honegger, and some sound examples.

south africa recordings for framework

posted June 12, 2016

an exclusive 57 minute mix of recordings made in south africa november 2015 - january 2016 in various national parks and nature reserves and in varying topographies and climates, from hot and dry desert (kgalagadi) over hilly forests (marloth, oribi), semi-arid karoo (addo, mmabolela, hluhluwe) to humid forests and wetlands (isimngaliso), with day temperatures between 30° and 43°C.
listen here and here or on the radio: it will premier on resonance fm in london at 11pm local time on 12th june. it will then air on all the stations seen here at the times indicated.

guests from chaos

posted April 01, 2016

dp's podcast for "guests from chaos" can be heard here, an eclectic mix of music dp enjoys.

new downloads

posted March 17, 2016

on air

posted February 23, 2016

dp performs on a propos de minos radio, a live action solo (ca. first 16 minutes) and following that, a group improvisation

new downloads

posted November 13, 2015

songs of a dying species, a collection of hair and burn are now available as downloads via bandcamp.

new interview

posted August 09, 2015

a lengthy interview in german by african paper here


posted June 17, 2015

here's a 90+ minute podcast of dp material - mixed mangled and mutliated - includes forthcoming and unreleased stuff - hosted by blackened disco - play loud! listen here or here.

fossil fuel interactive

posted May 16, 2015

read about the guardian's "keep it in the ground" campaign and check out their "the biggest story in the world" podcast. very recommended.


posted January 10, 2015

new album "oberägeri" is available for free download via bandcamp. an ethnographical field recording, it documents the activities of the packs called "chlausrotten", recorded in oberägeri, in the valley of ägeri (in the canton of zug, central switzerland).

helicotrema c.o.d.a.

posted September 16, 2014

helicotrema c.o.d.a. is a 'recorded audio festival' that will be playing work by dp on 21.09.14 from 19:30 onwards at Villa, Via Camillo Brozzoni 7, Brescia, Italy.


posted September 05, 2014

the wire have published a small piece about homo animalis here

shop open

posted September 02, 2014

shop is up again! please visit my bandcamp and discogs pages to order.

meira asher's podcast

posted August 10, 2014

a new podcast featuring homo animalis is available - see the podcast section of about.

shop closed

posted June 19, 2014

all physical stock from my bandcamp and discogs shops have been taken down for july and august as i'll be abroad - back in september.

schimpfluch associates

posted June 12, 2014

schimpfluch associates is a label founded in 2013 by dave phillips (zürich) and rudolf (osaka). its focus is on works of reference by sound artists associated with schimpfluch. please visit our website

greater china tour

posted May 13, 2014

concert dates in greater china have been added to the live section. some changes and updates are expected, so check back regularly.


posted April 11, 2014

listen to my podcast for ràdio web MACBA “on duration” here

site update

posted April 09, 2014

welcome to my new site. new features include a shop here with lots to listen to and some freebies; the discography section has been completely overhauled; the live section includes more detail and connectivity; the site has been made easier to navigate through and there's more. expect more updates and new features - check back regularly.