Fear of God

21.06.2003    CSA Dordøni, Cremona, Italy.

line-up: Erich Keller, Dave Phillips, Diego Dolp, Andre Gerber

also playing: Cripple Bastards



tom you din’t get the point when you call dp remixes grindcore. eric’s vocals are the strongest meanest ever. his style was legendary and many tried to copy it. when i saw fear of god live in italy in 2003 i realised that he doesn’t use any effects at all. i was shocked. the gig was so extreme people waited outside the hall. never heard so much negativity. after the gig the band had a britney spears song played on the p.a. mixed with distortion. they left the stage went outside walked around a bit and peple were so intimidated nobody talked to them at first. after 10 minutes or so the britney spears noise mix was over and it was quiet in the hall. i have never seen something like this. nobody could understand what these guys just did to them. some of the concert goers who are friends of mine told me that it took them a few days to get down from the vibes. everybody i know who was there says this concert was so devastating that its hard to imagine how people must have felt in 1986 or 87 when fear of god played with henry rollins. maybe that’s why the band’s popularity has grown so much over the years although records have never been easy to get. grindcore? they may have defined that genre but they never were grindcore. (Fear Of God live in Cremona, via dp – hermeneutics of fear of god discussion on goodbadmusic)

(Davide Cremona, www.goodbadmusic.com)